Posted by: Michelle | April 3, 2008

Results of Another Challenge

For the next challenge, Lori and I were supposed to photograph something that was just not quite right and create a page about it. I have to admit that when I proposed the challenge that I already knew what I wanted to photograph. Here is my page:

Cattail Swamp

Now, you might look at this and not realize how strange this sight actually is. The cattails are growing on the roof of an abandoned building in downtown Baltimore. Maybe other people see stuff like this and don’t give it a second thought, but to me it seemed rather odd.

I welcome your feedback about my choice of subject and/or my actual page.



  1. […] update and I won’t have anything for at least another week. Lori still needs to complete her Something Not Quite Right challenge and her comic strip journaling challenge, but she is on vacation this week and will not be doing […]

  2. Karen,

    That was definitely the effect I was going for, so I guess I did it right. For the giant cattails, I knew that I wanted something that would mimic the texture of real cattails, so I decided to experiment with using craft felt. I was very pleased with how they turned out.

  3. Love how you’ve portrayed the plants on the roof Michelle. You only realise the location by the second photo. And I do like those giant cat tails on the left of the layout.

  4. I definitely am covering more of my actual pages than I used to, but I don’t know if I would agree that my pages are more subdued. I know that a lot of the pages that I have done in my regular album have been less subdued. I will admit that my last few challenge pages have been more subdued, but I think that is because of the subjects of the photos.

  5. I’ve noticed 2 patterns with your layouts over say the last year. They are much more subdued that the way you used to scrap and you don’t leave any of the actual page showing anymore.

  6. Matt,

    Yes, the cattails are growing from the roof of one of the buildings right down the street from the Stewart’s Building.

    I didn’t think about it quite that way when I chose to have the title running down the side of the page, but now that you mention it, it does put another nice spin on our theme.

  7. the page looks good. and I think the layout adds to the “something not quite right” theme, as it is hard to tell which way it will insert into the book!

  8. I think, if I recall, this can be seen from the Stewarts Building’s roof?!?

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