Posted by: Michelle | April 12, 2008

Last Night’s Crop

First, let me say that yesterday got off to a pretty horrible start. On my way to work, some idiot almost crashed into my car. Fortunately he realized what was going on just moments before the collision would have occurred. It was still close enough that it scared me half to death and put me into a bad mood. Thank goodness I had the crop to look forward to.

As expected, I wasn’t nearly as productive as I would have liked to have been at the crop. I got 4 pages done in about 3 hours time. I did get a plan together for what I am going to do on the next set of pages though, so that does count as progress. I may not have gotten a ton accomplished but it was a fun night.

Another bright spot to my day was when I check Nicola’s blog and learned that she has changed her mind and has posted a card sketch. She will be accepting entries until April 26th. Sadly, she won’t have access to her computer for at least part of the time, so she won’t be able to do her daily updates, but she will post everyone’s results as soon as she is able. She has also promised blog candy to one lucky winner. If you have been checking her blog, you have seen the beautiful Tildas that she has included on many of her cards. The blog candy will be a collection of stamped Tilda images for the lucky winner to color and use on their own creations. I will definitely be entering.


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