Posted by: Michelle | April 27, 2008

Lori’s 5-Photo Challenge

Lori decided to work on her challenges in a different order since she is having a harder time with the Something Not Quite Right challenge. She has, however, been able to complete her 5-photo challenge – the one that is stymied me.

Just to refresh your memory, since I know these challenges have been hanging around for a while, the guidelines for the 5-photo challenge were that we had to take 5 photos from a single spot. We could spin around. We could zoom in and out. We could kneel down or anything we wanted to do as long as we remained in the same spot for all 5 photos.

Here is what Lori came up with:

You can click on the photo to see a larger view. I love the paper that she used for her background. I used the same paper for our first same photo challenge (way back last June).

I know that I have told you several times that I am close to getting my 5-photo challenge page completed and every time, I have had to back pedal. I have confirmation that my prints are on the way and that I should have them early this week. My goal is to have this challenge completed by the end of the month if at all possible so that we can start May being just about all caught up. Don’t forget that I will be announcing a new monthly challenge here on Scrappy Hours on May 1 too, so be sure to come by to find out all about it.


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