Posted by: Michelle | April 30, 2008

5 Photo Challenge Results

After a couple of setbacks, I finally received the photos for my 5 Photo Challenge. Now, before I share the results, I have to drag things out and tell you a little about my motivations and inspirations. One thing that I read in just about every scrapbook magazine is the importance of recording every day stuff, not just special occasions. With that in mind, I decided to take pictures of something that is a part of just about of every day. I did, however to try to look at it from a different angle than I usually would. Here is my layout:

Now, most days when I take my youngest to the bus stop, I sit in the car so that I can make a quick get-away and head to work. On days when the weather is especially nice, I may get out of the car and chat with the other moms. On this particular day, I stepped across the street and found a spot where I could see everything that was going on and truly try to capture the details of the scene.

I am happy with parts of my page, but not 100% convinced that I like the page as a whole. Let me know what you think.



  1. I knew that I wanted to create the school bus to frame the focal point photo and then when it came to the other photos, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. It isn’t my favorite page, but I certainly don’t hate it either.

  2. I like the page. It is a little difficult to really see the smaller pictures, but overall I like the page.

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