Posted by: Michelle | May 8, 2008

Help Us Pick Our Next Challenge

Lori is still looking for something not quite right to create a page about, but in the meantime, we would like for you to help us select our next challenge. Here are 5 choices that we are considering:

Same Embellishment Challenge – We both must create a page using the same embellishment as the starting point. We can use whatever other supplies we would like. We will do this as a Lori’s Choice and Michelle’s Choice challenge.

Favorite Food Challenge – We will each create a page layout about our favorite food (or whatever food is our favorite that particular day).

Compare and Contrast Challenge – We would each create a page comparing two people in our lives. We could compare ourselves to another person or compare two other people to one another.

Comic Strip Journaling Challenge – We would each create a layout using one or more photos in a comic book style with the journaling captured in “thought bubbles.”

Scrabble Challenge – We would be given a set of 10 random letters. We would each have to create our title using just letters selected from this set and then create a page using that title. (We will have a neutral party select the random letters for us.)

Please let us know which challenge you think we should tackle next by posting your selection in the comments below. Voting will close Monday night and I will post the results on the morning of Tuesday, May 13.



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  3. I agree with the Comic Strip Journaling…that would be cute.

  4. Comic Strip. Comic Strip. Comic Strip!

  5. I didn’t mean for the something not quite right challenge to be so difficult. I’m sorry.

  6. I know my vote doesn’t count, but I vote for anything other than the “something not quite right” challenge.

  7. I vote for Favorite Food too.

  8. Comic Strip Journaling is my vote.

  9. Okay, we have our second vote. My older son has voted for the Favorite Food Challenge.

  10. My youngest son has cast the first vote and he has voted for the Comic Strip Journaling Challenge.

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