Posted by: Michelle | September 7, 2008

A Card and an Admission

Yesterday, I posted an entry about the latest sketch over at Friday Sketchers and said that I would try to create a card for it. Well, here is what I came up with:

I played around with several ideas and this is what I finally came up with. It is pretty simple, but I think it is kind of cute.

Okay, now for the admission. I have been really slacking on my family album. While I am not that far behind, I have just not been the most motivated when it comes to trying to get any more caught up. For my 4th of July page, I laid out the pictures and re-arranged them and played around with ideas for weeks before finally creating a pretty simple 2-page layout. Now, I am on to the next set of photos and find myself doing the same thing. I actually cut papers and laid everything out this morning, but now I am posting to the blog and doing everything I can to avoid coming up with a title and finishing the page. Does that make me a horrible person?



  1. Lovely card. Kimx

  2. Less is definitely more! Great card!

  3. Sweet card, very pretty flowers. Thanks for joining us at friday sketchers.

  4. Your card is wonderful.
    Thank you for joining Friday sketchers

    Hugs from

  5. Beautiful card!! Great color. I recognize that, I always start cardmaking because for me that is so much easier to do, than making photo books ;-( I believe crafting is something to do what you like and what give you joy and relaxing. So don’t worry, time will come. You don;t have al picture in scrapbooking!!!
    Thanks for playing with my sketch on FS!! Love from Holland,

  6. Great card!!!

    And NO you are not a horrible person!!! Sometimes you need to work up the MOJO to get it done! And doing something else while you’re waiting for the MOJO to kick in is good!!!

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