Posted by: Michelle | September 8, 2008

A Little Bit of Luck

When I got this week’s sketch from Tamara, I decided to use some photos I had taken of a rainbow. To me, rainbows have always meant good luck and I saw this one just days before my young neighbor was going to have surgery. Well, my beliefs about rainbows held true, and my neighbor is doing well. Here is my page:

Be sure to check back next Monday to see my interpretation of another of Tamara’s fantastic sketches and to see what my first challenge is. (From what I have seen from the design team, you certainly won’t want to miss out.)



  1. Karen,

    I seriously don’t think that you are a crummy photographer. I’ve seen some of your pictures. To get these 3 usable shots, I followed the old photographers adage of taking way more photos than you think you will need in the hopes of getting one or two good ones.


  2. Congratulations on capturing the rainbows so well Michelle. I always find then really hard to photograph. Of course, that might just be because I’m a crummy photographer.

  3. ahhh, great LO!! Rainbows hold a special place in my heart too! On the day my dad was buried there was a double rainbow, and now every time I see one I remember that he’s up there watching over us. He died in a bad rainstorm (hydroplaned) and the rainbows that day just felt like it was meant to let us know that he was OK.

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