Posted by: Michelle | October 23, 2008

Happiness is a Cold Nose

Usually when you hear the saying, “Happiness is a cold nose” you probably think of dogs. Well, in my house it may be dogs or it may be cats. Yesterday I was home from work and got the opportunity to see how my cats interact when they think no one is around. It made me very happy to see them all curled up together like this:

I love how these pictures make it look like they were having a conversation.

Once again, I want to invite everyone to join us in our latest challenge, Happiness Is….



  1. Okay, I will admit that I pulled the covers up onto them.

  2. Did you tuck them in like that?!? or did they tuck themselves in?

  3. Hello Michelle!
    Just popping in for a quick visit, to say hi and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you!
    Your kitties are adorable! Love the pics!
    I’m going to pop back again when I’ve got more time, to catch up on all of your latest news and creations that I have missed!
    Nicola xx

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