Posted by: Michelle | February 22, 2009

Time for a Comparison

A while back for the Y is for Yesteryear challenge over at ABC Challenge I created a card using a beautiful stamp that I had gotten years ago (before I was even into stamping) called Hooray for Anna. Here is that card:


I think this is still right up near the top as one of my favorite cards that I have ever made. Well, this morning, I tried to see if I could strike gold again. I used the smae image, the same basic layout but with some different papers. Here is this morning’s card:


I am not sure which one I like better. My son has cast his vote. Now I want to hear your opinions. Does Anna work better on the pinks or on the blues?



  1. Why am I not surprised by that at all?

    Seriously, I actually think that I like the pink one better too.

  2. pink

  3. I do remember seeing your pink version before now and loving the papers you used. I like them both but i’d have to say I am a fan of blue for this particular card, although the 4 year old girl on my knee says “pick the pink one mum!”

  4. Early voting:

    Son says blue.
    Boss says pink.

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