Posted by: Michelle | March 5, 2009

Wine and Dine

As soon as I saw the challenge over at Cute Card Thursday, I knew exactly which stamp I was going to use. I have the House Mouse Popping Mouse stamp that Laura included in the basket of stamps that she loaned me for my birthday. Could there be a more perfect image for a Wine and Dine or Food and Drink challenge?


Too bad the rest of the ideas didn’t fall into place so easily. I was thinking that I wanted to use some printed CM papers with greens and purples but they just weren’t quite working for me so I went with a bit more masculine color theme. I had to add the flower just so it wasn’t too manly.



  1. That is the cutest stamp I’ve seen in a long time. The card is adorable!!

  2. Fantastic card and such a great image!

  3. This is so Fun, I love that you turned to blues! BR-T

  4. Thanks. I wish I could claim the stamp as one of my own. It is just one from a basket of about 40 or so stamps that my friend generously loaned to me. It is actually an older stamp and may or may not be available any more. I have never seen it in any of my web searches.

  5. Oh my stars I have to get that stamp!!!! your card is way to cute.

  6. Michelle,

    Miss ya! Great card. That stamp is outstanding! Hope to catch up in person soon-


  7. fabulous card, such a perfect image for the theme, I love it!
    Thank you for joining in the CCT challenge! Have a great day, Debx

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