Posted by: Michelle | May 25, 2009

Always Remember

One of the greatest things about scrapbooking it that it allows us to record our memories and preserve them for future generations. Today, Memorial Day here in the United States, that seems even more relevant than ever. I just want to take a moment to remember all those who have lain down their lives in duty to their country and to thank all those who have served. Your actions truly are appreciated.


Yesterday, while I was waiting for my son to return from a bike ride (he is working on his cycling merit badge for Boy Scouts), I had the privilege to witness a Memorial Day tribute. Right next to the parking lot there was a stone monument honoring WWII veterans. While I was sitting there, members of the local VFW Post came, said a prayer in remembrance and placed wreathes and a flag at the base of the memorial. This was followed by the color guard firing their rifles. It was very moving and I was really disappointed that the Boy Scouts who were off on the bike ride missed it.


Today, with so many of our troops still overseas fighting in far off lands and giving their lives on our bahelf, I think it is vitally important to recognize their accomplishments and thank them for their service.



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