Posted by: Michelle | June 1, 2009

Never Forget Challenge

Last weekend, we celebrated Memorial Day – a day to remember the men and women who have lain down their lives while serving our country. With that in mind, I decided that for this challenge I want us to memorialize someone. I don’t expect it to be all about our fallen soldiers. Just take some time to remember someone who has passed and create a layout about that person. Or, if that isn’t your style, create a sympathy card. Just take a moment to recall those who have gone before us and remember them as you create something.

Before I share the samples from the Design Team, I want to make an announcement. I have been posting challenges for about a year now and the response has never really taken off the way I would have hoped (at least not here on the blog). The Never Forget Challenge will be the last one that I post here. I will continue to post challenge on Facebook in the Scrappy Hours group so if you are still interested in participating in the challenges, join us there. I want to thank the wonderful ladies who helped me along and served as the Design Team. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of their creations and will miss getting those emails with their layouts and cards every couple of weeks.

Now, some inspiration for this challenge:






And finally, my layout:


Now, since the journaling on mine is impossible to read in the photo, I figure I should give a little context. I decided to create a layout about my father-in-law who passed away while I was pregnant with my now 13-year-old son. When my son was a baby, I kept a journal in which I wrote letters to him. For this layout, I excerpted the letter that I wrote to him when he was one month old and told him about how much I regret the fact that he never got to meet his grandfather, but how glad I am that his grandfather’s spirit lives on in him. More than 14 years have passed since John passed away, but we still think about him almost every single day. The photos that I used are from the last Christmas that we had with him, shortly after we learned that I was pregnant.



  1. Hi Michelle, sad to hear you wont be posting any more challenges on your blog, I always check your blog first when I log on to see what you’ve been up to, so hopefully you will still have lots of cards to show! I’m having a ‘break’ from facebook atm lol but once I’m back will head over and see what your group is up to.
    Here is a LO of my Mum that I’m missing very much. Luckily I havent had the need for a sympathy card lately!
    take care xx

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