Posted by: Michelle | June 17, 2009

An Original Card

I haven’t had as much time for working on card challenges of late. Crazy weekend followed by a couple of days of recovery time. However, I was able to complete a card for a friend of mine. Her nephew is receiving his Eagle Scout and since she knows that I have a son who is very active in Scouts, she figured I would be able to make a good card for such an occasion. Here is what I created for her:



It is fairly simple but since it is for a teen-aged boy, I figured simple might be best. The color scheme is based on the Scout uniform and colors. For the “printed” paper on the front of the card, I simply pulled text about the Scout Law from my son’s BSA Handbook and typed it into the computer and printed it onto tan cardstock. The images (including the corners that I used on the inside) are all stickers from a single sticker sheet from K and Company. I hope that my friend is happy with what I have created and even more importantly, I hope that her nephew likes it. Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout is a big accomplishment so I am glad that I can share in the pride that my friend and her whole family are most certainly feeling.



  1. Karen, you very well might see something similar in the coming year and then again in a couple of years as your boys get their Eagle Scout.

  2. Michelle…’s great! Maybe you can make one for my kid next year and I’ll do one for yours in a couple of years….Especially love the background you typed on the computer….very creative.

  3. Fab card Michelle!

  4. I’m glad that you like it, Amy. It was actually really a fun one for me to make since I know so many Boy Scouts and may find myself making more such cards in the future.

  5. I love it! Thanks so much!

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