Posted by: Michelle | July 3, 2009

Crazy for Chipboard Books

When I was off from work the other day, I headed over to Great Scraps where I found two very summery-themed chipboard book kits from Bo-Bunny. Now, I have never done anything with the chipboard books and, to be honest, my craft knife scares me. But, I had seen a couple of ladies working on one of the kits on one of my recent trips to Create IT Crafts and I decided that it didn’t look that hard.

Not surprisingly, I have been obsessed with working on these two books. The first one (the one that I saw the ladies working on at Create IT Crafts) was the Bo-Bunny Fun in the Sun kit which I decided to make for my younger son. Here are a couple of photos of the completed book:



It has a lot of fun little hiding places for photos inside and the bright colors suit my son’s personality.

It really wasn’t that hard to do, so with the second kit – The Bo-Bunny Endless Summer kit – I got a bit more ambitious. The pages in this kit all are various arrows and there was a lot of opportunity for me to form a long-lasting bond with my craft knife. Here are some pictures of this completed book:



Believe it or not, these colors actually suit my older son quite well. This book was more difficult than the first one, but was still a lot of fun to put together. And, the best part is that now both of my boys will have someplace to capture a few of their favorite pictures from our upcoming trip to Hawaii.

So, how did I do? Have you used any similar kits? Do you have any suggestions of other similar types of kits that I might want to try?


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