Posted by: Michelle | August 26, 2009

Baby Bunny Rescue

Earlier this evening, my 10-year-old came into the house and asked me why a baby bunny was sitting in our backyard pool. He then thought a little bit more and decided it was either a baby bunny or a very large mouse. Either way, I was preparing myself for the worst as I went outside with him to investigate. Since our house backs up to woods, we have had dead mice and bunnies both in our pool in the past.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a baby bunny sitting patiently on the top step leading into the pool. I think he must have run over there when the guy was cutting the grass and either slipped into the pool or jumped in there accidentally. Since he is still a wild animal, even if he is absolutely adorable, I knew better than to handle him. I went and got the pool skimmer and carefully lifted him into the net and carried him over to the fence line where I released him back into the grassy wild.


I was so relieved that he didn’t freak out as I tried to carefully scoop him out of the pool. I was terrified that he would jump and slip off of the step into deeper water making the rescue that much more difficult.

We kept an eye on him for a little while to make sure that he was okay. He was scared and wet, but seemed to be unharmed as he nibbled on some plants and hopped away. (My 10-year-old snapped this picture after the bunny crossed the fenceline and went into the woods.)


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