Posted by: Michelle | November 5, 2009

A Tradition is Born

This month’s challenge at Scrappy Hours is to celebrate Family Traditions. In my family, we have a tradition of having breakfast – scrambled eggs, bacon and toast or biscuits – for Christmas Eve dinner every year. The tradition started when my brother and I were still quite young. My mother was looking for a meal that would be quick and easy to prepare with all of the chaos that happens on Christmas Eve, especially in a family with two young children. Of course, my brother and I were oblivious as to the reason for this tradition until almost 20 years later when we were both adults and on our own. We were both kind of sad when we learned that there was not real significance to the tradition, but we both continue this tradition with our own families to this day. I created this layout so that when my boys are grown, they will understand a little better why they serve Breakfast for Dinner on Christmas Eve.


The journaling reads:

When my mom first made breakfast for Christmas Eve dinner, she had no idea she was starting a tradition that my brother and I would cling to almost 40 years later. She was just looking for a quick easy dinner option. A tradition was born.

Now, it’s your turn. Create a layout celebrating one of your family’s holiday traditions and post a link to it. It’s that easy!


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