Posted by: Michelle | January 8, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Okay, you may ask why today is different from any other Friday. It is cold. There is snow. What makes today so special? I’ll tell you. Today is the day that I leave for my annual scrapbook weekend with the ladies. My friend, Karen, is going to be picking me up in about 3 hours and then we are off to PA for a weekend of scrapbooking.

Now, when I woke up this morning and learned that schools were opening 2 hours late due to the snow, I could have gotten down. Instead I convinced my youngest son to join me in making cards based on the latest sketch over at Friday Sketchers. See, it really is a fantastic day so far.

Here are our cards:

Now, we decided not to tell you whose is whose. You are welcome to try to guess. If you want to see some of my son’s other cards, you can check out them out at T’s Creations. Now, he is only 10, but I think he really does a good job on his cards.

All of the supplies used were found in my stash (which I will admit is quite substantial). Figuring out how to do the angled pieces was a bit tricky but once we figured it out, the cards went together pretty easily. Let us know what you think.


  1. Both very lovely cards, the papers fits the images very well.

    Warmest greetings,


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