Posted by: Michelle | February 25, 2010

Shh, Baby’s Sleeping

To be honest, this has been kind of a rough week for me. My mom had surgery Monday and I was at the hospital for that most of the day. I was busy Tuesday so I didn’t get to go see her, but I was able to go see her yesterday. She was doing really well and I was hopeful that she might get to go home tomorrow or Saturday. Apparently, she took a bit of a turn for the worse today and they moved her back to the ICU. I don’t think it is anything too serious from what my father and my brother told me, but it was still difficult to deal with. On top of that, I am swamped at work with some deadlines that I have to meet (so I can’t be at the hospital as much as I would like) and then today, I had a setback on one of the projects that I am working on. I am going to be able to recover from it, but I probably won’t make it to the hospital again tomorrow. I feel bad because I would love to be there for my mom more, but I have to balance everything. It’s just rough.

When I got home from work this evening, I decided to try to make something that would cheer me up. Now, one of my co-workers is expecting a baby boy in July, so I wanted to make something celebrating the baby. When I saw the new challenge over at Cute Card Thursday – Ribbon-Tastic – I thought that I could make a door-hanger using ribbon. Here is what I came up with:

And here is a more close-up shot:

There is ribbon for hanging it on the doorknob and then ribbon strung through the sentiment at the bottom.

I think that it is pretty cute. I will probably hold onto it and wind up making more items for the baby before he comes. Who knows how many goodies I will wind up giving the mama-to-be.

I’m just hoping that tomorrow is a better day, since today has been pretty crappy.


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