Posted by: Michelle | March 28, 2010

Preparing Prototypes

I am busily planning for an event that I am going to be attending in June where I will be sharing a booth with my dear friend Laura. I am going to be making cards, but I wanted to make something that would stand out and be appealing to an artistic crowd. I decided to make packs of quilt inspired cards. With that in mind, I have been researching quilt patterns. I printed out a whole bunch that I thought might work and have begun selecting quilt patterns for three different groups of cards that I will be making: Christmas Quilts, Baby Quilts and Comfy Quilts.

This morning, I finished the prototypes for the Christmas quilt squares. Now, when I make the actual cards, I will be using different papers than I have used on these prototypes and the papers will be consistent through the entire set of 8 cards. Check out the prototypes and let me know what you think. Do you have a favorite? Do you have other quilt squares that you think I should be using? Just share any feedback that you might have.



  1. They are fab designs Michelle! The event sounds really fun! I like them all but my fave is the middle one! xx

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