Posted by: Michelle | April 4, 2010

Big Changes – New Challenges

Well, I talked about it a little bit, but this is the official announcement about the changes around here. Instead of posting challenges monthly, I am going to start posting them every other week on Sunday morning. I think a month was just too long and people would think about joining, decide that they had plenty of time, get side-tracked and forget. So, I can be flexible.

Another big announcement is that will have a guest designer selected on a quarterly basis. For the first quarter Jeaunes from the Scrappy Hours Facebook Group has volunteered.

So, now for the challenge:

By the Numbers

For this challenge, I just want to see numbers somewhere on your card or layout. As always, you can create a card, layout or whatever paper-craft you wish. Just include numbers.

Now, we have samples:



Now, it is your turn. Create a card, layout or other paper craft including numbers and post it to your blog. Then, just post a comment below with a link to your creation. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you don’t have a blog, you can always just send me a picture via e-mail using the link to the right.


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