Posted by: Michelle | April 26, 2010

Looking Back on Winter

My hubby has been giving me a hard time about the fact that I don’t seem to be working on the scrapbooks any more in favor of making cards. To a degree, he is right. I have been making a lot of cards and not as many layouts. With that in mind, I was looking back through my pictures yesterday. I am up to December – when all of the snows started to hit the Mid-Atlantic states. As much as I want to move on to spring, I need to go back and scrapbook all of my pictures from the winter. First, to give you an idea of why I don’t want to look back, here is one of the pictures I took during the second major snowstorm:

We had a ton of snow. But, this morning, I decided to use the latest sketch from The Sweetest Thing to create a layout remembering the first snow of the season:

We only had about 5 inches of snow, but the boys couldn’t wait to go out and play in it. My youngest son, had to make a snowman. We didn’t have great supplies for making a snowman face, so he improvised. Maybe now, I can get my scrapbooking mojo back in gear. What do you think?

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