Posted by: Michelle | May 2, 2010

Challenge # 3: A Mother’s Love

Hard to believe it is already time for the next challenge. It was great to see all of the boy-themed projects that people shared here and on the Facebook group. Let’s see if we can get even more this time.

A Mother’s Love

For this challenge, I want to see cards and layouts that celebrate our mothers. While all of my challenges are personal, this one is even more dear to my heart.

Many of you don’t know it, but starting last November, my mother was dealing with poor circulation in her legs. This was debilitating for her as she could hardly walk around and when she did, her legs would go numb. She was cold all of the time because she wasn’t getting enough blood flowing through her legs and we had a long, cold, very snowy winter here on the Mid-Atlantic. She went for an angioplasty in January, but when the doctor got in there, he realized that angioplasty wasn’t going to be effective. Then in February, she had aortic bypass done in both legs. Other than one minor setback, she has been doing well since and is well on the road to making a full recovery. With all of this in mind, this Mother’s Day is extra special to me because I realize how easily I could have lost my mother during all of this.

I posted one sample a couple of days ago:

And, here is another card that I made for my mom based on the latest sketch from Sketch Saturday:

You will notice that I included butterflies on both. My mom has always loved butterflies, so I always associate them with her. On the second card, I featured dogwoods. For years and years, my parents had a dogwood tree in their backyard. My mom always loved that tree and was so sad when it got damaged and had to be taken down. Her love for dogwoods rubbed off on me so I wanted to include them on this card for her.

Now, it is your turn. Make a card for your mom for Mother’s Day or even just to tell her how much she means to you. Or, you can create a layout all about your mom. (Needless to say with my mom’s recent medical issues, she hasn’t been feeling terribly photogenic.) You can even make a special gift box or wrapping for a present for your mom. Just make something special for these special ladies – our moms. This challenge will run through Saturday, May 15 and I will be posting an all new challenge on May 16th, so be sure to check back then.



  1. Hello….. Here is my entry to your lovely challenge!!!

    My Love here

    Hugs)))) & Wishes…..


  2. Such a pretty card! I love the gorgeous colours you’ve used! Thanks for joining challenge #101 at Sketch Saturday! Hugs, Sem x

  3. It is such a relief that she is fine now… & I hope & pray, that God blesses her with all nice things & happiness, she deserves….. And with a daughter , a mother is more blessed according to me…. No one but a daughter can feel to the extent for her mother…. It is sad that sometimes mothers do not appreciate or recognize this love….. & choose their sons instead…. I feel sad then….. I love the mother daughter relation…. the most precious of all…. where they tend to share everything….. Happiness, sadness, agony, sorrows, troubles….. I love & miss my mom a lot these days….. I hope & pray I would be able to see her soon…. I can’t stop my eyes from getting moist, at the very thought of her….. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!


  4. Hiya just love youre fab….thanks for joining in at Sketch Saturday sweetie. Hugs Terry xxx

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