Posted by: Michelle | May 2, 2010

Encouraging a Friend

Just yesterday, I posted a Pay It Forward status on my Facebook page. I promised to send something handmade to the first 5 people who responded. Well, one of the friends who responded is currently in the process of splitting up with her husband. From everything I have heard, it sounds like she is doing the right thing, and I am more than happy to send her a card encouraging her and letting her know that she has plenty of friends who will stand behind her during this difficult time. Selecting the image for the card was a total no-brainer for me and once I saw the sketch over at The Sweetest Thing this morning, everything for this card fell into place.

There are two messages really in the imagery on this card. First, that she needs to just hang in there. Although things are rough right now, she has plenty of support (okay, maybe that is another message). Second, I liked the ideas of butterflies for this card. She herself is going through a metamorphosis and spreading her own wings. I really hope that she likes the card and that it makes her smile. She is a dear person and a wonderful mother and she deserves nothing but happiness for her and her children.


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