Posted by: Michelle | June 27, 2010

Since the Day I Got Married

I have always loved purple irises with yellow throats. They are my absolute favorite flowers. When I was planning my wedding, I knew that I wanted irises in my bouquet. I also wanted to include yellow roses. My mother carried yellow roses when she got married and so far things have worked out well for her and my dad. In fact, they will be celebrating 46 years of marriage in just a couple of weeks. This is just a long intro to explain why I always reflect back on my own wedding day when I see a bouquet of purple and yellow flowers.

I made this card with two challenge in mind. First, for my own Scrappy Hours challenge – All-American Girl. The very first line of the song is, “Since the day they got married… .” Well, since the day I got married, yellow and purple bouquets have had special meaning for me.

I created this card using the latest sketch from Card Patterns as my inspiration. I let my son select my image and then I worked from there. When he selected this flower bouquet (which I got on clearance at Michael’s yesterday), I knew exactly what my color palette was going to be. Purples and yellows. My favorite. I found the yellow ribbon and the lavender ribbon flowers and knew that they would be the perfect embellishments. It doesn’t really show in the picture, but I lightly chalked the vase with light blue and then went over it with clear Stickles to give it just a touch of shimmer. I keep looking over at the card which is sitting nest to me and the light is catching the vase just right and it just sparkles.

I might have to send this one to my parents for their upcoming anniversary. I’ll just have to decorate the inside and add a heart-felt message.



  1. WOW totally gorgeous! Thanks for playing at Card Patterns!

  2. This is such a cute one… Loved the creation ….. simple floral awesomeness…….


  3. Wow, your son has a creative taste! Beautiful card Michelle!

  4. So lovely – what a wonderful vase of flowers – love the colors and coloring.

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