Posted by: Michelle | August 15, 2010

Outside the Box Challenge

Okay, I took a few weeks off and considered discontinuing the challenges, but here I am with a new one.

Outside the Box Challenge

For this challenge, I want you to make a card or scrapbook layout that is some shape other than square/rectangular. It’s as easy as that. Easy unless, like me, the idea of stepping outside of your nice little box scares you. I am a very linear person who has a difficult time breaking away from nice straight lines, so for me this is quite a challenge. However, that being said, I love it when I see cards that are in different shapes and I always admire them. So now, I want the chance to admire your handiwork as you create cards/layouts that are not square.

Before I share my example, I will give you a little background about why I decided to tackle this challenge. I have several friends who are expecting. (I think it comes in waves.) As I was thinking about making baby cards for all of these friends, I found a darling example of a bib/crescent moon shaped card in my Go To Sketches magazine from PaperCrafts. I knew that I wanted to at least give it a try. Here is the result of my first attempt (and my sample for the challenge):

I kept this one simple as it was my first attempt. There is a lot more embellishing that I could do and probably will do if I make more of these for some of the upcoming baby showers. Overall, I am happy with the result and I am pretty sure that I will be experimenting more with this technique/shape.

Now, it is your turn. Think outside of the box and create cards/layouts that are anything but square and post them to your blogs/online galleries and then post a link to your work in the comments below. This challenge will run for two weeks through August 28. If everything goes smoothly around here (we have a birthday to celebrate and have to get the boys ready to head back to school), I will try to get a new challenge posted on August 29.


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