Posted by: Michelle | November 14, 2010

For a Friend

If any of you follow me, I am sure that you have heard me mention my friend Laura. Well, several months ago, she became a Mary Kay consultant. I will admit that I love having my own Mary Kay person. I hadn’t used their stuff in a while, but I really like it. Plus, if it helps out a friend, all the better.

She is getting ready for her holiday open house season and asked me if I could make some of my little gift bags for her. The only requirements were to use Mary Kay colors – pink and black – and to tie in a wintery or holiday theme if possible. Here is what I came up with:

Does this just seem perfect for Mary Kay? I thought the papers seemed just right and the snowflake gives that seasonal touch.

I have 20 of these sitting in my craft room right now, and I have to admit that if they weren’t for Laura, I would probably find all of that pink just a bit overwhelming.

Now, if the design looks familiar, it is because I modeled this bag after the one that I did earlier this month for the fall colors thank you challenge. The fall colors one is more my color scheme, but I love the versatility of the design.


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