Posted by: Michelle | November 19, 2010

Which Do You Like the Best?

After my friend got the “Mary Kay” gift bags that I made for her, she was really excited and I think she was telling everyone about them. I know she told a woman who is hoping to organize an event at the Staples where they bring in vendors and allow them to sell their products right in the store. Of course, the hope is that people will come in to check out the vendors and then will wind up buying stuff from the store as well. They are still trying to work out the details, but if they do have the event, it looks like I will have a booth to sell gift bags and cards. I have started making some gift bags for that event just in case.

And in case people want something that isn’t too focused on the holidays:

The bags are small but perfect for wrapping gift card and other small items.

Apparently she also was talking to another friend who does wedding planning and was telling her about the bags. When we had lunch today, she suggested that I make some examples that we can share with this other friend who can then promote the bags to her clients. They really are perfect for jewelry (bride’s maid gifts) or for small table favors. Here is one that I made up this evening:

I am sure that I will be creating several more designs over the coming week or so in preparation for the possible event. In the mean time, I would love to hear from you about what you like (and dislike) about the ones that I have already put together. Also, I would love to hear suggestions of things that you think would work well with these small bags. Let me hear from you!


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