Posted by: Michelle | June 23, 2012

And for the Older Boys

As soon as my mother-in-law saw the animal silhouettes that I had made, she thought that I should make more to sell at the senior center bazaar. That got me to thinking, these are relatively easy to make and I could do all sorts of different themes. Since I am a mother to nothing but boys, I tried to think about what a young boy might like. Dinosaurs! But let’s be honest, pastels just weren’t going to cut it. So, I went for something a bit brighter.

And since I had to make a match for it:

I asked my youngest, who really is a bit too old for these, about what colors I should use. I said that I wanted to use green for the dinosaurs and he immediately said volcano orange for the background. BTW, he loves these. What do you think?


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